62552_130411670344771_3137003_nMy name is Brian Miller, and ever since I received my first RC plain as a child, I’ve been behind the controls of RC planes, helicopters, and more recently, quadcopters. When I’m not zooming my favorite quadcopters around the neighborhood or pulling off stunts at the RC air park down the road from my house, you can find me behind the controls of an actual airplane.

That’s right, while I fly quadcopters for fun in my free time, I’m a real-life pilot as well. From small single-engine Cessnas to 747s and everything in between, I’ve flown almost every type of personal or commercial plane you can think of.

However, nothing provides me with more joy than being behind the controls of an awesome quadcopter. Unfortunately, as an RC and quadcopter enthusiast, I’ve wasted plenty of money over the years on sub-par quadcopters and have found myself behind the controls of several models that simply don’t work as advertised.

After hearing similar stories from friends and in quadcopter forums I’m actively involved in, I decided to do something about it and help others find quadcopters that fly just as good as they look.

My hope for this website is to help as many people as possible discover the fun this hobby can bring and find awesome quadcopters along the way. So, please have a look around, read the buying guides, and check out my in-depth quadcopter reviews.

By doing so, I hope my passion for quadcopters will inspire you to take up the hobby and my reviews will help you find the right quadcopter for you. Whether you want a small quadcopter to have some fun with in your neighborhood or a larger model equipped with a GoPro camera for commercial video production, my goal is to help you find the right quadcopter for your needs.

Who knows, maybe we’ll run into each other at the air park someday. Until then, however, I wish you nothing but the best on your quadcopter buying adventure!

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