Blade Nano QX BNF Review

Nano 7680 BNF

The BLADE BLH7680 Nano QX is the bind-n-fly version of the BLH7600 RTF, which works with any DSM2/DSMX remote control. It features a SAFE™ stability mode for inexperienced flyers.


The Blade BLH7680, also known as the Blade Nano QX BNF, is the bind-to-fly version of the Blade BLH7600. The major difference is that the BNF version is less expensive owing to the fact that it does not include a remote control. It is designed to work with digital spread spectrum controllers such as the DX6i or any DSM/DSM2/DSMX controller. Using one of these controllers versus the one supplied with the RTF version provides pilots significantly greater flying capabilities and convenience.

Nano QX drone hovering indoors

  • SAFE™ stability mode makes this an easy flyer for novices.
  • The blade motors have enough power to push through light breezes when outdoors.
  • BNF means you can use a far more capable controller than the one supplied with the RTF model.
  • The compact USB charger is pocket-sized, making it convenient for travel.
  • Do not look for a camera. There is none due to weight constraints on this mini-quadcopter.
  • Other than the stability/agility mode LED, there are no lights on this machine, so it is for daytime use only.
  • The lack of LEDs also means that there is no visible low-voltage warning on the machine.

Like its cousin, the Nano QX BNF is the smartest, most responsive and crash-proof of the mini-quadcopters available now. With its built-in SAFE™ stability mode, it is a worry-free indoor flying machine that is perfect for new pilots or even operators with no previous RC flying experience. Switching it to agility mode fully unleashes its potential.

Stability mode limits the speed, pitch and bank angles, which assists in maintaining level flight. At any time, releasing the control sticks places it automatically into a level hover. Full rudder in either direction produces perfect pirouettes.

Once in agility mode, any flip, roll and high-speed banking is possible. A DSM-style controller can access the Nano QX BNF’s full range of flying capabilities

Super flexible, sturdy blade guards protect the quadcopter from bumps into walls, ceilings and floors.Nano QX flying indoors


• Costs less than $70
• Weighs just 18g
• Safe for indoor or outdoor flying
• Includes batteries, compact USB charger, spare canopy and blades in three colors
• 3.7V 150mah LiPo battery yields 8 minutes of flying
• SAFE™ technology for super stable training flights
• Fast recharge time, usually 30-45 minutes
• Powerful, efficient brush motors
• Binds to transmitters with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSMX® radios

Two Nano QX flying in the kitchen

What Buyers Are Saying

Man holding a checklist

The flight capabilities of the BLH7680 are identical to the Blade BLH7600 Nano QX RTF. However, taking full advantage of those capabilities is only possible with controllers more advanced than the one that comes with the RTF model.

The SAFE™ stability mode gets raves in any Blade BLH7680 review you run across. A few reviewers are unhappy about the lack of a no low-voltage warning. Advanced controllers have timers, however, which takes care of that problem.

Buyers quickly become adept with flying in stability mode, so love the ability to switch it off in order to learn all the aerobatic maneuvers of which this mini-quadcopter is capable.

All Spektrum and JR 2.4GHz DSM2/DSMX transmitters, including controllers with Spektrum DSM2 modules and MLP4DSM controllers will bind to this quadcopter.

Always initialize the copter on a level surface after inserting the battery so it correctly calibrates the SAFE™ sensors.

DX6i remote controller

Rating and Conclusion

In our Blade Nano QX BNF review this mini-copter gets five stars for its ability to appeal to pilots of any skill level. It has incredible aerobatic abilities, especially when bound to a top-tier controller such as the DX6i. Parents and kids readily enjoy this quad and appreciate its indoor flying safety. Add extra batteries and a multi-battery charger so the fun continues after the first flight without waiting.

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