Blade Nano QX Review (RTF)

Blade BLH7600

The BLADE BLH7600 Nano QX is an easy-to-fly micro-quadcopter. It features SAFE™ stability mode that allows a child to fly it on their first try without harm.


Do you spend a lot of time on the road or too much time in your cubicle? You would be dead wrong if you think either of those conditions could keep you from enjoying the exciting hobby of quadcopters.

Perhaps the cutest drone on the block, the tiny Blade BLH7600 Nano QX is garnering attention as one of the most durable and easiest quadcopters to fly. It is perfect for indoor flying at home or when traveling.
Nano QX in front of a person

  • Thanks to SAFE™, this is may be the easiest flyer on the market.
  • It is made for indoor flying, but powers through light breezes outdoors better than quadcopters twice its size.
  • The propeller guards have a lot of give, so wall or window hits are no problem.
  • Its aerobatic ability matches that of more expensive quadcopters.
  • For the price, you might expect a camera, but there is none for this Blade model.
  • The LiPo battery is too small to give more than several minutes of flight, but on the other hand they recharge quickly.
It is also one smart mini-drone. Its SAFE™ – Safe Assisted Flight Envelope – technology novice quadcopter pilots look like pros.

SAFE provides two flying modes:

• In stability mode, speed, pitch and bank angles are automatically limited to prevent unusual flight attitudes. If you feel the copter is out of control, release the sticks and it self-levels into a still hover.
• A single switch turns on agility mode, in which all limits are off. You are free to try out flips, rolls and steep banking maneuvers. In agility mode, the Nano QX is regarded as a highly responsive flyer.

The propeller guards are highly flexible. They handily absorb wall bounces without damage to the copter.


• Priced under $100
• Weighs only 18g
• Easy and safe to fly indoors or outdoors
• Includes radio controller, batteries, USB charger and the copter
• Built-in blade guards
• High visibility rotors for easy flight orientation
• 3.7V 150mah LiPo battery yields 8 minutes of flight time
• SAFE™ stability and agility modes for learning or full maneuverability
• 30 minute battery recharge means less waiting time between flights
• Brushed motors for powerful lift
• Spektrum 2.4GHz DSMX® spread-spectrum radio technology binds your flyer to your transmitter, so two pilots can fly copters without interference to one another

What Buyers Are Saying

Man holding a checklist

The key feature to the Blade BLH7600 Nano QX is the SAFE™ technology that makes piloting it easy enough for a 5-year-old to handle. Despite one minor drawback, its popularity is rising as evidenced in almost any BLADE BLH7600 review you read. No one complains that there is no camera included, even though it is priced higher than other entry-level quadcopters that do.

What most buyers find further appealing about the Nano QX is that after mastering flight with the stability mode, they can switch to agility mode to experience a second level of challenge. This is where the aerobatic fun begins. Speed increases and flips and other tricks are then possible.


For an idea of what this copter can do when unleashed, see this video:

If you want to learn more about the SAFE™ technology, visit this site

Rating and Conclusion

Despite not having a camera, which is a primary reason many people are drawn to the quadcopter hobby, this drone gets the highest rating for build quality, durability, maneuverability and for being so smart with its popular digitally controlled stability mode. This is a quadcopter that is truly RTF right out of the box.

The Nano QX makes quadcopter flying fully accessible to young and old while still keeping challenges in store for experienced pilots. The fact that you can easily fly this in your cubicle or take it in your suitcase when traveling is icing on the cake.

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