Cheerwing Syma X5SW-V3 Review

Image of the cheerwing Syma quadcopter X5SW-V3

X5SW-V3 Overview

The Cheerwing X5sW from Syma is the perfect mid-tier quadcopter for novices. It is very affordable, yet not downright a budget drone. Meaning it had an advantageous price tag, while still maintaining an excellent level of performance and quite a lot of nice features and gimmicks as well. While it’s not exactly a mini drone, it is still quite small and very lightweight, which makes it very practical but also create some issues. Its lightweight design makes it a great flyer and makes it very crash resistant, which is incredible for beginners. However, it also makes it suffer a lot in heavy wind conditions. That being said, for this price, you cannot have it all.

It is a very stable flyer, and even quite fast too, likely due to its hollow design. It has so many attributes that make it an excellent flyer for beginners and novices. It is straightforward to set up, and the Syma application works well. It took me about 2 minutes from installing the app until I got it into the air, which is very nice. Something you might notice about the camera is that there is no room for a memory card, but everything is instead sent directly to your smartphone. If you have a weak smartphone with little space for images and videos, this can be an issue. It is also important that your phone handles WIFI connection well, as that is what ensures that all of your video and images are saved.

The camera is a 2MP wifi connected device and creates some decently qualitative footage, especially considering the price tag. You will struggle to find a quadcopter in this price range with as good a camera and overall flight performance.

  • Very crash resistant due to its lightweight design
  • Stable and fast flyer
  • Incredibly simple and easy to set up and get going
  • Excellent quality and value for your money
  • Good camera for the price
  • Syma application is very user-friendly
  • Perform poorly in very windy conditions
  • Syma application occasionally crash
  • Is depended on your phones space and WIFI capabilities

Image of Syma camera on a quadcopter

Features & Specifications – What you need to know about the Syma X5SW-V3

For such an affordable drone it packs a lot of cool features. Let’s take a look at how well they function.


  • Headless/IOC function: This replaces the usual forward direction of the drone, which can make it a lot easier to learn how to fly it if you are a beginner. Always nice to see a well implemented headless mode. A lot of quadcopters have headless mode but most of them are very dysfunctional and sometimes even makes it harder to fly. This is luckily not the case with the X5SW. 
  • HD 2MP camera: This has one of the better cameras in its price class. The Syma app makes it very easy to control the camera between video and image as well as safely storing the footage on your phone. While the app is very convenient, it also makes the drone entirely depended on your phone. So if you have an old smartphone with little storage space and a poor wifi connection, you should not get this quadcopter. At least not if you mean to use its camera.
  • Remote: It is an easy to control quadcopter, and the controls are very user-friendly for beginners. The smartphone mount on the remote is practical and has a good angle. This means you can watch the footage live on your phone as you fly. It is worth noting that the camera-to-phone footage can have a small delay depending on your connection, so don’t navigate entirely based on the live stream. The Syma application supports both IOS and Android.
  • One key 360° rolls: This is always nice, and has almost become the industry standard by now. Having a one key rollover control makes it just a little more fun to fly around and can allow for you to perform some neat tricks. 
  • Drone Size: You won’t need to register with FAA since the quadcopter stays just below the required size.
  • 6-axis flight control systems: This, combined with the excellent Syma remote and IOC function makes it such a stable and smooth flyer. 


  • Drone Size: 12.4 x 12.4 x  4.13 inches
  • Drone Weight: 119 g
  • About 100 minutes of charging through USB
  • About 6-7 minutes of flight time
  • About 50 meters flight range
  • iOS / Android 
  • Headless mode

Image of the SYMA drone box and equipment

Whats in the box

Let’s take a look at what you get with your purchase of the Syma X5SW

  • Cheerwing Syma X5SW-v3 quadcopter
  • Syma remote + phone mount
  • Four additional propellers + screw driver
  • USB charging cable
  • Syma WIFI 2mp camera

Very easy to work on and replace parts

Should anything happen to the drone, it is luckily straightforward and inexpensive to buy spare parts. Even for a novice drone enthusiast, it takes no more than a few minutes to figure out your way around how it is put together. Which makes it very easy to work on and add or remove parts. While it is very crash resistant, it is always nice to know that you can easily replace broken parts if you do happen to break something.

Image of the Syma X5SW-V3 cheerwing drone

Final thoughts

Whether you are an experienced flyer or a novice, this is a very nice quad for its price. It has amazing flying capabilities and is both stable and quick. While it does struggle in stormy weather, it is something you can work around.

The camera is better than you’d expect in this price class and provides some nice footage directly to your phone. The fact that you need a decent phone alongside it can be a con but most people’s smartphone will be more than capable of working just fine with the Syma application.

So if you look for a very nice ”value for money” quadcopter that you don’t have to register at FAA due to its size. Then this is one of the best options out there. I had a lot of fun testing it out, and I highly recommend it to any quadcopter lover out there.