Holy Stone F181 RC Review

Image of the F181 from the Holystone f series


This quick little camera drone from Holy Stone is a real treat and a truly great budget option. The strongest point is its flying capabilities, it is a true joy to fly and it is surprisingly fast as well. Making it a fantastic choice for beginners, but due to its speed a smooth flight it can be quite fun for seasoned quadcopter lovers as well.

While the speed and controls are the best part about the Holy Stone F181, it’s camera is not too bad either. Obviously, you cannot expect a GoPro quality level camera at this price class. In fact, it is surprising that it comes with such a decent camera, that is well above the average of its price class.

All and all a fantastic value for money purchase with a surprisingly great performance and quality.

  • Great value for money
  • Fun, fast and easy to fly
  • Very decent camera for its price class
  • Awesome sports quad, for tricks and flips
  • Good night-flyer, due to its front and rear LED lighting
  • Propeller guards and camera affect flying performance negatively
  • A little slow at sharp turns

F181 Features & Specifications

While this is a cheaper quad it still has a lot of features worth mentioning.

  • Altitude hold function: This simply allows the F181 to stay at the same altitude so you can focus on your turns and directions. Great to keep it still while shooting video or taking pictures.
  • 360 command: Pressing left, right, forward, backward will make a flawless flip.
  • The range is around 50-100 meters, depending on the connection interference in the area.
  • 7-9 minutes of flight time, depending on what you are doing. Attaching guards, camera and shoot video will obviously decrease the flight time a bit. It takes around 70-90 minutes to fully charge it.
  • Comes with a decent headless mode. It is worth mentioning that the headless mode is not so great after a little while, but that is to be expected with a drone of this price class.
  • Propeller guards are surprisingly strong, yet very light. It will affect the flight performance a bit to attach them but still a very good idea for beginners in order to keep the aircraft safe. More seasoned pilots will probably get more joy from leaving them in the box though.
  • 4 different performance modes: 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. This is awesome for beginners in order to start learning the controls at 25% and as you get better you can turn the performance up. It is incredibly fast and smooth at the higher modes.
  • 5 LED lights: 2 red lights in the back, 2 blue lights in the front and a large headlight in the front as well. This makes the F181 a truly great night-flyer, despite its black body.
  • The Holy Stone F181 is surprisingly sturdy and durable, especially with the guards on. We did do a few mild crash tests and none of them really hurt the drone at all.


image of F181 drone with LED lights on

Whats in the box?

Holy stone is actually really generous with this one, and you get a few extra stuff for free.

  • F181 from Holy Stone
  • 2 Batteries
  • 2 Charger cables
  • 1 extra set of propellers
  • Propeller guards
  • Camera with 2gb SD card
  • Controller
  • Extra screws and screwdriver

Always nice to see companies willing to go the extra mile. Especially an extra set of propellers are awesome since it’s usually what will break first if you crash. Unless you have attached the prop guard of course.

What Buyers Are Saying

Man holding a checklist

Speed, quality, and joy of flight is not usually something you connect to a budget quadcopter. But Holy Stone has really made a fantastic product here.

Awesome drone for beginners! It’s affordable and has a very user-friendly controller and the 25% performance mode is a great way to learn.

Final Thoughts

If you are either a beginner, on a budget, or just want a fantastic sports drone then I would highly recommend the F181. The price and soft learning curve make it an ideal beginner UAV, while the speed and great controls make it great for more seasoned quad lovers as well.

Unless you want an elite-level quadcopter like the Phantom 4, and you are looking for a great budget drone. Then this is among the very best on the market in 2017.