Holy Stone HS170 Predator Review

Image of Holy Stone HS170 predator drone


If you are looking for the ideal quadcopter to get you started with this hobby, then look no further. The Holystone Predator has everything a great starter quad should have. First of all, it is extremely affordable and even delivers a decent quality on top of it. Second, it is a very smooth and user-friendly flyer, great drone to pick up if you want to learn how to fly properly. Thirdly, it is small and handy, making it easy to practice with anywhere, especially indoor.

The Holy Stone HS170 is the ideal beginner quad and also an awesome gift to a friend or relative. The downsides are obvious, however, at this price you won’t get a camera or even the ability to carry one. This quad is made solely for the joy of flying and is awesome for indoor flight and tricks.

  • Extremely high value for money
  • Fun, fast and easy to fly
  • Ideal indoor flyer, great for vacations
  • Awesome sports quad, for tricks and flips
  • Good night-flyer, due to its front and rear LED lighting
  • Headless mode not very good
  • A little slow at sharp turns

Image of Holy Stone Predator mini UAV

HS170 Predator Features & Specifications

Don’t let the size or price fool you. The Predator still have a few tricks up its sleeve.

  • Headless Mode: A surprising feature on such an inexpensive quadcopter, but the HS170 has it nonetheless. This mode does make it easier to fly, as it wasn’t easy to enough to use. However, the headless mode is quite poorly done and will only help under rare circumstances. The frustration alone from this mode makes it not worth using, we recommend flying it as it is right out of the box.
  • 2.4GHz Technology: Makes the connection between drone and remote more clear. It is supposed to cancel out interference from other devices such as your phone or radio. It is hard to say if this worked well or not, but we did not experience any trouble with the connection whilst testing. So 2 thumbs up for this. 
  • 6-Axis Gyro Stabilization System: Another feature that makes it easier to fly. This makes sure to stabilize the drone mid-air. This can be a huge help, especially for beginners. 
  • 30-50 Meters range: This is not much per say. But for a quad of this price, it is actually a bit more than expected. Especially considering that this is made as an indoor and trick flyer. The size of the quadcopter also makes any more than 50 meters distance irrelevant. 
  • 6-8 minutes Flying time/60-80 minutes charging time: This is all depending on a few things, such as the LED lighting, which will make the flight time closer to 5-6 minutes. Nonetheless a very decent flight time for such an inexpensive UAV.
  • LED Lighting: This looks awesome, and can be a huge help because of the size of the quad. It is easy to lose track of this mini-quadcopter at long range without the LED. So awesome to see that Holy Stone added this. It also differs with blue/red lights for front/rear, which makes it very easy to orientate.

HS170 box and accessories

Whats in the Box!?

Although it is all pretty standard, here is a quick recap of what you get with the HS170.

  • HS170 Predator
  • Remote
  • Charging Cable
  • Battery
  • 4 Extra propellers

Nothing special about this really, but the addition of extra props was nice to see, as they are easy to lose.

What Buyers Are Saying

Man holding a checklist

TheRcSaylors: Ideal indoor flyer and a fantastic Christmas present!

JohnyTechReview: Awesome flyer for the price, it is fast and easy to fly. Awesome pick for any beginner or newcomers to the quadcopter hobby.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

There are 3 main reasons to buy this great budget quad from Holy Stone.

If you are a beginner I can think of no better drone to start out with unless you have a large budget and feel like going big right from the start. Then the F181 from Holy Stone might be a better pick. Especially if you see having a camera as a must.

Also if you are on a budget and are on the look out for a great mini drone, that can be easily used indoor and even brought with you on vacations. This is one of the best vacation quads on the market right now, at least in terms of value for money.

Thirdly, it is a FANTASTIC gift. While affordable, it will give so much joy to whoever is on the receiving end. And how cool is it giving a drone as a gift?

So, beginners, what are you waiting for? Give this a shot!