Hubsan X4 H107C Review

Hubsan X4 size showcased

The Hubsan X4 H107C comes with a 2MP camera that shoots 720p HD video. It also has durable blade guards, 2 fly modes and 8 minutes of flight time on stock batteries.



The Husban X4 H107C is a fits-in-the-palm mini-quadcopter that is fun and easy to fly. At around $70, it makes an excellent starter copter that produces very good 720p video. In this price class, most quadcopters have a 0.3MP camera, but this one is 2MP, which makes a world of difference in video quality.

It has two flying modes, normal and expert. Normal mode lets you learn to handle it without the risk of damage as it limits the speed and aerobatic ability. Once you get a feel for it, switch on expert mode for full speed and the ability to do flips and steep banking maneuvers. Flips can be made forward, backward, left and right.
Hubsan x4 with the remote controller

  • Strong enough to fly in moderate breezes.
  • The 2MP camera produces high quality videos.
  • Normal mode is very stable, which is perfect for first-time quadcopter owners.
  • With the propeller guard, it is a durable flyer.
  • There is no way to remotely turn the camera off and on. It can only be done when the quadcopter is on the ground.
  • The camera must be shut off before turning off the quadcopter or video may be lost.


The H107C is an almost-RTF copter. Only the propeller guard needs to be installed, which you can do while the battery charges. The blades are somewhat delicate, so Husban includes a prop removal tool that is recommended in order to avoid damage.

What’s in the Box

Hubsan X4 retail box • Quadcopter
• 2.4GHz, 4 channel transmitter. Needs 4 AA batteries, which are not included
• 4 spare props
• Propeller removal tool
• 350mah battery
• USB charger
• Propeller guard, not installed



Flight orientationBright blue and red LEDs
Camera resolution2 Megapixels
MemoryMicroSD or MicroSDHC card
Transmitter2.4 GHz with 4 channels
Transmitter channels4
Flying modesNormal and Expert
Battery380mah LiPo, 500 mah batteries will fit
Flight time8 minutes with stock battery
Charge timeUnder 30 minutes
Hubsan X4 h107c

What Buyers Are Saying

Man holding a checklist

In this price range, you would expect a lot of video “jello.” However, the X4 is a stable flyer, so at worst the video is “jello-ish,” although that depends also on the skill of the pilot and wind conditions.

One Hubsan X4 H107C review indicates that the trim straight from the box usually requires adjustment. Other buyerss were tripped up by not installing props on the correct side. Each propeller has an A or B imprinted on it that indicates proper placement. Mix them up and it will not fly.

To see how good the Husban X4 H107C video is, check out this video:

Buyer tips:

• If your video is blurry, remove the camera module and carefully turn the lens to break it free. Try turning it in 1/8th rotation increments and test the focus. Re-glue when it is right.
• If you need to replace the Husban X4 lens, search for “808 #16 keychain camera” on eBay. These under $10 lenses fit perfectly. There is even a 120 degree wide angle version.
• Video on a phone may not playback correctly due to a missing codec, but should be fine on a PC or Mac.Hubsan x4 h107c

Rating and Conclusion

The Husban X4 H107C is an excellent, inexpensive mini quadcopter, especially as a first quadcopter because it is easy to fly. The 720p camera shoots surprisingly good, nearly jello-free video. The wraparound prop protectors make this a durable flyer. All around, it is an excellent value in the world of mini-quadcopters.

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  2. Reply arfian nur setiawan May 16, 2017 at 5:12 am

    This little drone was a replacement to my first hubsan. The first one went through some super hard crashes due to some risky flights on my part. This drone is super stable, big props compared to others and nice easy instructions and adjustments are able to made. Great for any first time flyers!

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