Syma X11 RC Review

Image of syma x11 mini UAV

Looking for a cheap way to get into the quadcopter hobby? Well look no further, the Syma X11 is not only inexpensive but is also an ideal mini-quad for beginners that want to learn how to fly a drone properly. The price alone makes this is a very ”low risk, high reward” purchase, but it is its durability that truly makes it stand out as a great beginner quad. As a novice pilot, you are likely to crash quite a lot, which is why it is quite risky to go directly for a high-end model. The Syma X11’s is extremely forgiving and allow you to make a lot of mistakes whilst learning how to fly. It’s size also make it ideal of indoor flying which is a great place to learn as there are usually more obstacles than outside.

Obviously, an inexpensive drone such as this one is not without flaws and the biggest one is the fact that it turns off without much warning as soon as it runs out. So you need to make sure that you have not flown it too high into the air in the last minutes of its flight time. That being said, it actually has an above average flight time which gives you some more time to practice. It also does not have a headless mode, which a lot of people think is a bad thing. However, with cheaper models such as this one the headless mode is usually not even worth it and learning to fly without headless mode is extremely valuable and helps you become a better pilot.

  • Extremely durable and crash resistant
  • Smooth flyer
  • Above average flight time
  • Great quality and value for your money
  • Good for indoor flying
  • The quad turns off without much warning when battery runs out




Picture of X11 uav and remote controller

Specifications & Features – What you need to know about the Syma X11

While the X11 is not sporting a lot of features, there are still a few things worth mentioning.

  • 6 axis stabilization: Pretty standard nowadays, but really provides a smoother flight experience.
  • 4 channel 2. 4ghz spread spectrum remote control: Also the norm in a quad such as this, but it gets the job done and the connection between drone and remote is quite strong.
  • 4 additional prop guards: Also a great feature, especially for quadcopters designed for beginners. Al though, the quad it self is actually durable enough to make do without the prop guards entirely. Might still be a good idea the first couple of times that you practice.
  • 8-10 minutes of flight time: A few minutes above the average UAV of this size and price class. Gives you a little longer to practice and get better.
  • 90 minutes charging time

As you can see, the X11 is not for you if you are looking for a quad filled with additional features and gimmicks. It is a simple, inexpensive beginner drone and does a good job at just that.


Image of the syma x11 quadcopter with prop guards on

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

The X11 is basically the perfect practice dummy and allow you to learn how to pilot a drone without worrying about destroying it. I would recommend this or other inexpensive drones such as the Hubsan X4 for any beginner. The Hubsan X4 does have a softer learning curve and are arguably a little better overall, but when it comes to durability and crash resistance, no drone in this price class can compete with the X11 from Syma. I’d even argue that the X11 is the smarter choice for beginners, despite the softer learning curve with the X4, simply due to the more solid build. However, if you feel confident that you won’t crash too much and maybe want a mini quad with a bit more flight power or features then there are a few other great options on the market.

I had a lot of fun testing out the X11 and the size makes it great for more than just learning how to fly a UAV. It is ideal to bring with you on vacation or just to have fun with inside the house. It is among the very best indoor quadcopters on the market.

You should get the X11 from Syma if you want to learn how to fly a drone for real, without headless mode and other helping features. It’s price and sturdy build almost guarantee that you get your money’s worth. And once you have learned how to fly the X11 you are free to move on the more expensive and better quads.

It is not only beginners that will get a lot of enjoyment out of this drone. if you are an avid quadcopter enthusiast, then you might be looking for a cheaper model to use on the side when you just want to have a bit of fun, without worrying about breaking your main quad.

This is not for you if you want a quad filled with extra features, gimmicks or even if you want a good camera drone. It is purely made for the joy of flight.