SYMA X5 Review

Syma X5 drone

The Syma X5 is a no-frills, responsive quadcopter with 6-axis gyro, bright orientation LEDs, 360° Eversion and an include 2.4G spread spectrum controller.


Syma’s X5 quadcopter is a good flyer and a real bargain at under 60 dollars for those wishing to try their hand at RC flying. It is a complete RTF machine that includes a spread spectrum remote controller.

The X5 is nearly identical to Syma’s original X1, except that this model has an improved receiver board and firmware that adds more agility compared to the X1. If you ever need spare parts, all the mechanical parts from an X1 fit the X5.

  • You cannot argue with the price of a Syma X5, period. Considering it is upgradeable to their X5C with the addition of a camera, it may be the best way to enter the quadcopter hobby for those on a budget.
  • It is known as an easy-to-learn flying machine that is able to take a few bumps and light crashes.
  • One Syma X5 review noted that parts are interchangeable with both Syma’s X1 and X5C. It will take an X5C camera if you want to add that later.
  • Not as stable a flyer as the Syma X5C-1, which has the most sophisticated flight firmware, so it is less stable in breeze than later models.
  • The instruction manual is a poor translation from Chinese.
X5 Explorer drone

What is in the package:

• Syma X5 RC quadcopter
• 2.4GHz remote controller with LCD display
• USB charging cable
• 4 white propellers
• 4 propeller guards
• 2 landing skids
• Small screwdriver
• 3.7V 500mAh LiPo battery
• User Manual



• Least expensive entry-level quadcopter at under $40
• Its 6-axis gyro is stable and smooth in most conditions
• Durable, flexible propeller guards protect the copter horizontally and vertically
• Sturdy landing skids protect against hard landings
• Bright amber and blue, flashing LEDs display flight orientation to enable night flying
• Size is approximately 30 by 30 centimeters diagonally
• The 3.7V 500mah LiPo battery provides 7 minutes of flight
• The X5 firmware includes 360 degree inversion via a switch
• Controller locks to the X5, so multiple quadcopter/controller combinations can be flown simultaneously
• Significant range improvement over the Syma X1 thanks to an upgraded receiver; up to 100m

X5 Explorer drone upside down

What Buyers Are Saying

Man holding a checklist

Even though the X5 has no camera, many buyers have fit an X5C camera on it without problems. Some buyers forgo the camera so they can carry up to 60g of payload with their X5.

Besides the low price, it is an appealing replacement flyer for X1 owners whose copter is worn out or crashed, because so many parts are interchangeable. It is cheap enough that in the case of catastrophic failure, it is easier and cheaper to buy a new one and use the damaged machine for spare parts.

Buyers have a few tips for those considering an X5:

• If you retrofit a camera, the 360 Eversion button on the controller activates/deactivates the camera. The camera light is green when not in use and flashing red when filming.
• The stock 500mah hour battery can be replaced by a 600mah battery of the same dimensions to increase flight time or when carrying a payload.

A remote controller for UAV drone

Rating and Conclusion

The X5, when compared to the X5C and X5C-1 is a minimalist’s quadcopter. For the price, it is OK, but it suffers from too many flyaways and its wind stability is only fair. Giving it a higher rating would detract from Syma‘s later models, which perform better. If you think you want a bigger bang for the buck, you can check out other drones in our top 10 quadcopter reviews.

  1. Reply RTF Quadcopters November 18, 2015 at 1:10 pm

    The Syma X5 range is really popular. A lot of reviewers recommend them for beginners. I’ve read that there is room for a larger lipo, which would extend the flight time. I suppose you could velcro on a mobius or keychain camera too.

    Nice review!

  2. Reply Nathanan September 26, 2016 at 6:45 pm

    I just saw the SYMA X5UC on sale at Geekbuying, it looks pretty cool.

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