Tozo Q1012 X8tw Skyhunter Review


Image of Tozo drone Q1012

Review Overview

The Tozo X8TW offer something really special. A good price, convenient and qualitative design as well as a stellar performance, all rolled into one great drone. First off, we need to talk about the performance and what makes the Skyhunter so very special. It is one of the only quadcopters that I would recommend to beginners, veterans and everyone in between. Usually, a quad is either very easy to fly which is great for beginners but boring for pros. Or they are agile and fast which is great for experienced flyers but impossible for beginners to control. Now, this drone has 3 different modes that work perfectly and is sure to have one that fits you perfectly. It has an ”easy mode” which makes the quad incredibly stable and reliable with a soft learning curve. This is obviously ideal for beginners. However, if you are a more experienced pilot or if you are ready to move on from the easy mode, then it also has a mid-tier and sports mode. The medium mode makes the quadcopter quite a bit faster and agile but not so much as to be out of control. Whereas the sports mode cranks everything up to a 100, meaning it becomes very fast, incredibly fun but also a lot harder to fly. With the Skyhunter you can go from a beginner to a pro flyer without ever needing a new quad.

Secondly, this is a foldable pocket drone, which makes it incredibly convenient. It is not as small as most mini quadcopters which I honestly really like, especially since you can just fold it together and suddenly it can fit in a grown man’s hand.

It also has an integrated 720p camera, which comes with a very user-friendly application to control and watch footage from your phone. While 720p is not fantastic, it is what you can expect in this price class and the camera is the only function that this quad does not ”over-perform” at, so you can’t really complain.

Lastly, the remote is excellent. It is very much like a PlayStation controller, which I really enjoy. So if you are familiar with console gaming then the controls should feel very familiar to you.

  • Very stable but also incredibly fast in sports mode
  • Easy to set up
  • Very high quality for your money
  • 3 different flight modes makes it good for beginners and experienced flyers alike
  • Remote control is among the best we have ever tried
  • Camera could have been a bit better
  • Is depended on your phones space and WIFI capabilities

Image of a flyster Tozo Skyhunter quadcopter

Features & Specifications – What you Need to Know about the Tozo Q1012

The Tozo Q1012 has a surprising arsenal of features that work really well. Let us take a look.


  • FPV: The drone is directly connected to your phone, so you can watch the live footage directly from your camera with very little to no delay. This also means that all footage is stored directly on your phone, in favor of an SD card. Personally, I really like the convenience of this but some might prefer SD card.
  • Altitude hold: The Q1012 has an easy altitude hold button, so with a simple release of the throttle, it will keep the current altitude nicely. This makes recording footage a breeze and makes it a lot easier to get good quality images and videos.
  • Easy take off/landing button: The left frontal remote button is also an ”easy take off” command which makes the drone take off with ease. Same can be done with the landing. Very nice for beginners.
  • Easy, Medium and Sports mode: Switch between 3 modes. The first mode is for beginners and makes the quad very stable and easy to control but also a bit slow and unresponsive. The second mode makes it a bit faster and agiler and works as a great stepping stone to the third mode. Which makes the drone incredibly fast and super fun to fly but also much harder. This creates a natural progression for new flyers and makes it a good fit for beginners and veterans alike.
  • 720p Camera: It has an integrated 720-pixel camera. I would really like it to have a full HD 1080p mode but for the price, this camera is not bad and still outperform most quads in its price range.
  • Foldable Design: For a pocket mini-drone it is quite large but the foldable design gives you the best of both worlds. A medium sized aircraft when you use it and then you can fold it together to a true mini-drone size.
  • Headless Mode: This makes the quad omnidirectional, which means that you don’t have to worry about which way it is facing and you can focus completely on flying it. This is especially great for beginner pilots.
  • 6-axis Gyro system: This again functions to make the quadcopter very stable and give you an overall smooth flight experience.


  • 5-8 minutes of flight, depending on which features and modes you use.
  • 80 minutes of charge time.
  • It weighs in at 5.3 ounces

Image of the accessories you get with the Tozo Q1012

What you get:

  • The Tozo Skyhunter Q1012 X8TW Quadcopter
  • Remote Controller
  • Additional props
  • Screws and screwdriver
  • Remote mount for your phone
  • Battery for the drone(NOT for the remote), you will need 2 AA batteries for the remote.
  • USB charging cable
  • Very well explained user manual

Final Verdict

After testing this out I can completely understand why the customer reviews are so overwhelmingly positive. It is a very affordable quadcopter which offers a natural learning curve, it is very fun to fly and cater to every skill level. On top of this, it is extremely convenient and also has a decent camera.

I would mostly recommend this to anyone looking for a fun drone, it is not the best camera quad by any means but in terms of flight performance, it is excellent. An overall fantastic value for money deal.