WLToys V262 Review

V262 Cyclone in hand


The WLToys v262 is an under $70 mini-quadcopter that is very popular among first-time and experienced quadcopter pilots. It is known for its durable construction that includes graphite booms to increase strength while reducing weight. Each motor is gear-driven, which increases motor life. A molded foam canopy shell easily takes shocks from light bumps or crashes, which makes this an excellent indoor flyer. The sensitivity of the controls can be adjusted to suit any pilot’s skill level.

  • This is a well-built aircraft.
  • It has good range and the high-capacity battery achieves flight times longer than usual for quadcopters in this class.
  • It will accept batteries of even higher capacity.
  • This quadcopter is a favorite for hobbyists who want to make performance-enhancing modifications such as adding non-stock cameras.
  • Most quadcopter transmitters need 4 AA batteries. This one needs six.
  • A version 2 of this quadcopter has a camera, which would be difficult to retrofit to the original V262.
  • Charge time is over an hour, so spare batteries are recommended.
WL Toys Cyclone V262


The V262 is an RTF quadcopter with long flight time and durability. In normal flying mode, it is a great learning quadcopter, while in trick mode it performs spectacular aerobatics. The V262’s ses special materials such as molded foam and graphite struts that make it light and durable.

The quadcopter binds to its transmitter, so multiple V262s can be flown at the same time in the same area. Maintenance is well within the reach of the average RC hobbyist.

What’s in the Box

WL Toys V262 Cyclone box contents
• Quadcopter
• Mode 2 transmitter with LCD display
• High capacity battery
• Battery charger
• Four spare blades

WL Toys V262 Specifications

Battery850mah 7.4V LiPo
Battery recharge1 to 1.5 hours
Flight Time10 minutes nominal
Transmitter2.4GHz with 4 channels
Transmitter modesNormal and Trick
RangeUp to 150 meters

What Buyers Are Saying

Man holding a checklist

This quadcopter is so well built that a few reviewers have unwarranted expectations. No, it does not have headless mode, for instance. It does fly fast, up to 20kph and in six different directions, however.

As testament to how popular the WL Toys V262 is, there are many YT videos on how to maintain and modify this quadcopter, such as this one:

More than one WLToys v262review comments on early motor burn-out, which is not unusual for brushed motors. It is recommended to stock up on spare motors if you do a lot of flying. Using a Teflon-based lubricant on shaft bearings will help extend motor life.

The manual omits how to set controller sensitivity. It is done by adjusting buttons under the throttle on the left side.

Rating and Conclusion

The WL Toys V262 is an excellent, capable and inexpensive quadcopter, especially considering how well it flies. It is a shame that the V262 V2 camera is not backward compatible, but many owners find this copter to be amenable to modifications and the addition of third-party cameras. The bottom-line is that this is a fun, affordable quadcopter for beginners that can grow with the skill of the pilot.

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